Here is a list of all the qualifying majors that are eligible to apply for our scholarships.

Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Technologies
Automated Manufacturing/Technology
Automation and Motion Control
Automotive Engineering/Technology
Automotive Technology
Aviation/Aircraft  Engineering/Technolog
Biomedical Engineering/Technology
Chemical Engineering
Computer Aided Drafting and Design
Computer Engineering
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering/Technology
Electrical Engineering
Electro Chemical Engineering/Technology
Electro Mechanical Engineering/Technology
Engineering - Only for Graduating High School Seniors
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
Fabrication Engineering/Technology
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering/Technology
Industrial & Operations Engineering/Technology
Industrial Biotechnology
Industrial Design Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering & Management
Machine Tool Technologist
Manufacturing Engineering/Technology
Manufacturing Systems Engineering/Technology
Manufacturing Systems Sciences
Manufacturing Technician
Materials Engineering,
Materials Science
Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering/Technology
Mechanical Design Engineering/Technology
Mechanical Engineering/Technology
Metallurgical/Materials Engineering
Micro Engineering/ Technology
Nano Engineering/Technology
Nano/Micro Engineering/ Technology
Nanoscience Technology
Nuclear Engineering/Science
Plastics Engineering/Technology
Robotics Engineering
Supply Chain Management
Technology Engineering/Science
Textile Engineering
Tool and Die Engineering/ Technology
Welding Engineering/Technology


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